Change validation error messages to different language [RESOLVED]

Is there a way to change all validation messages like “This field is required” etc to a different language without switching the entire Wordpress to it?

Gravity Forms validation messages and other front-end messages use the site language. Showing them in a different language is not a feature of Gravity Forms, but there are some third-party plugins that could help:

Thanks but I don’t want to install a full featured multi language plugin just to display a few validation error messages in GF. I’m more interested in a simple php solution to add to to the functions.php. I’d like to keep the WP admin area in English. All forms have been translated into Spanish already, only the validation errors still show in English.

Hi Andre, these may sound simple but I thought I’d chime in anyway if this helps:
a) in the Field Settings for each field, you can modify the Placeholder and the Custom Validation Message to be whatever language you want (enter/paste your text).
b) I’m not sure the above would help with the “Required” notice, but this would: you can use the WP Settings > General > Site Language to turn the entire user-facing website language into Spanish. The Admin back-end can be in English or whatever language selected for that particular Admin user login via Users > Profile [admin username]… there’s a Language selector. Each admin can have their WP backend in a different language of their choice.


That’s brilliant and so simple. I totally overlooked that feature. Many thanks for pointing it out.

Cheers, glad it helps. Excelsior!