Transform numeric value (numbers) to text string

Hello. Does anyone in this fine community know of a way to take a number entered into a Number field and auto-fill a Text field with the text version of the number?

For example: If “25,324” is entered into a number field, is it possible to have this entered into a text field:

Twenty-Five Thousand Three Hundred Twenty-Four

The reason I need the action to be performed prior to submission is because I’m using a plugin called “Gravity Forms (Word) Documents” which can take field data from the form and populate/generate a Word document that gets attached to the email notification. This plugin maps data from the form fields to corresponding fields in the Word doc template.

Thanks for any help!

Have you checked out this recent topic?

Thanks Chris. Yes, I had seen that post. However:

  1. It appears that it doesn’t transform numbers into their spoken version, but rather just transforms each individual number into text. For example, it changes “56” to “five - six”, where what I need is “Fifty-Six”.

  2. I don’t believe it give the ability to populate a text field in the form prior to submission.

Thanks again.

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