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Hello everybody, I would like our donation form input field in numbers (or prices) to be shown in the auto-generated pdf in full words, for example " 56 Euros" as “five - six”, or 456.87 as “four - five - six - eight -seven”. Do you know how to do it? Just for context, our legislation in Germany requires the donation receipts to be done like this.

I know how to solve the problem on the fixed donations, but it is a problem when the donor is choosing the amount themselves.

I have already researched for a long time. Do you know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tatiana, I had ChatGPT code up a solution for you. Here’s the final code:

It’s activated by a merge tag modifier :words like so:

{Field Name:1:words}

PS – Two things you’ve got to see:

  1. The chat transcript that generated this code:

  2. Our Gravity Forms OpenAI plugin that brings this same power directly into Gravity Forms.

    Gravity Forms OpenAI: A Free AI Plugin by Gravity Wiz

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