Tracking multi-pages in Google Analytics


I have a six page multi-form. I want to track the drop offs within the form in GA.
I am looking for the most effective way to see the a sales funnel in GA to track each page within a multi page form. From what I can see, the most effective way to do this would be to have each multi-page section have its own unique url.

Is that possible?

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It’s not possible for each page of the form to have its own URL. The URL is always of the page where it’s embedded.

Have you looked at this plugin?

Thanks Chris,

OK. I’ll have to think of another way to see that data. Maybe add a class to each Page Break, then track that in Google Tag Manager.

I setup Event tracking for Gravity Forms earlier. Very easy to setup and does a group job tracking on submission. If there is a way to use this to track the “pages” within a multi-page form - that would be amazing.