Toggle the Cardholders Name field On or Off?

Is it recommended that the Cardholders Name field always be toggled on (set to required) when sending a transaction to Stripe? If the cardholders name field is omitted, does this trigger additional fraud checks and increase the likelihood Stripe may flag a submission as potentially fraudulent? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.

When it comes to collecting payments you want as much information about the person paying as possible. Cardholder name, billing address, etc.

Not so much to avoid automatic fraud detection but it makes it substantially easier to win any disputed payment cases (especially if they’re filed in error by the payer for whatever reason) when you have more information about the party paying versus less.

Many thanks Karl. I can see the Cardholders (Owner) name in my Stripe account, but this information does not appear to be captured on the corresponding Gravity Forms entry. Is this the expected behaviour? Cheers again.

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