Save Name from Credit Card Field

I totally understand why we don’t want to save the credit card number, etc, but it would be really helpful if the Credit Card field saved the cardholder’s name with the entry. For example, any receipts should really be made out to the name on the credit card. In some situations, it would also allow us to skip including a separate name field and thereby save the submitter from typing their name twice.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll share that with the team.

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You can do this with GF Copy Cat by copying the Credit Card name input to a separate Hidden field with the entered name.

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Thank you @david, that is indeed what I am currently using. As I reviewed my entries for this past season, I noticed that I unfortunately forgot to implement GF Copy Cat on a couple of my forms :frowning:

It would be very nice if saving the Credit Card Holder name with the entry was simply a feature of the Credit Card product field.


+1 for this.

@chrishajer, Any progress on making this a core functionality?

@chrishajer, In light of , has there been any progress on saving the cardholder’s name? This is key information in order to generate accurate receipts (eg. as a charity, we collect donations).

@david, Do you have a new work-around?

@chrishajer & @david, Following up on my question from approximately 2 weeks ago.

Nope. I think that workaround is the simplest solution for now.

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But the Credit Card Field has been deprecated :frowning:

The Copy Cat solution works with the Stripe Card field as well.


Perfect - thanks!

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