The functionality of the former forms does not work after the update [RESOLVED]


I upgraded the license and at the same time Gravity Forms version from 2.4.24 to version 2.51
I have created a registration form that is not working well for me after the update.
radio buttons
I want to change the values for “label” and “Value” but the values in the form do not change and remain the same as the enemies, although the Field Choices are displayed changed. I tried to save the changes, but putting through the Preview shows the old values.

Please help or correct any entrapment programming errors as soon as possible. I have to start registering for a children’s summer camp very soon.
Thanks in advance for the help

I have the same issue, when I use the nested form, the add entry button keeps circling and when I close it, it shows that entry was added. Even when I click the cancel button the entry is still added.

Hi Ericson,

Looking at the issue you’re experiencing, I’m guessing your website is still using the old JQuery UI for the Nested Forms modal. You can switch to the current Tingle UI with the gpnf_use_jquery_ui hook, by adding this line of code below to your function.php file.

add_filter( ‘gpnf_use_jquery_ui’, ‘__return_false’ );

Please let us know how it works after adding the line of code above to your function.php file. In case it doesn’t resolve the issue, can you please get in touch with us via our support form, if you have an active Gravity Perks license, so we can dig into this issue.


Thanks so much. I will try it on.


My forms stopped working after the update also. I added the code but it didnt help.

If anyone is using the Nested Forms perk from Gravity Wiz and is having an issue with this, please contact Gravity Wiz support. If you are not using the Gravity Wiz perk, you can open a support ticket with Gravity Forms for assistance:

Thank you.

Thanks. It worked :slight_smile:

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