Add button on Nested Form is not triggering the nested form [RESOLVED]

Hi All.

I have a number of forms with nested forms with the Add Entry button.

The issue I am having is when the add entry button is clicked the nested form is not appearing.

The error I am getting in the console is:

Uncaught TypeError: “GPNestedForms_{0}_{1}”.format is not a function
at r.init (frontend-jquery-ui.js:23:47)
at new window.GPNestedForms (frontend-jquery-ui.js:482:8)
at HTMLDocument. (payment-terminal-configuration-form/:1015:22)
at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.min.js:2:43064)
at v.handle (jquery.min.js:2:41048)
at Object.trigger (jquery.min.js:2:71515)
at HTMLDocument. (jquery.min.js:2:72110)
at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2:3003)
at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js:2:1481)
at s.fn.init.trigger (jquery.min.js:2:72086)

If anyone could advise I would be greatful.

Hey Nick,

I had the same issue. GF was auto updated to the latest version, but GP Nested Forms wasn’t. Once everything was updated, it was all working as usual.

You are correct and this was the solution that resolved it for me, although the plugin was indicating it was up to date it was not. I manually updated the plug-in which resolved the issue. Thanks for your input GCWEB

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Hi Nick,

Can you check to make sure you’re running the latest version of Gravity Perks (2.3.6)? If not, could you install that version and see if it resolves the issue with the update notifications?

If updates are still not showing up, we’re happy to troubleshoot this with you. Just drop us a line and we can dig into this.