Nested entries not showing on the entry page [RESOLVED]

I’m having an issue where when I’m on page viewing an Entry for a form with Nested fields, the nested fields (entries) don’t show. However if I click edit and then cancel the nested entries show, and then if I click refresh they don’t.

This same issue is affecting some other custom functionality we are building, as it keeps returning that there are no nested entries when there is

Is anyone else experiencing a similar thing?

I’ve disabled all plugins except:
Gravity Forms
Gravity Perks 2.2.7
GP Nested Forms 1.0.9

On WP 5.9.2

Looks like I’ve found the problem, for some reason the ID’s for the parent entry where wrong on the nested entry. But that only seemed to be a problem some time #shrugs

Hi Will,

I’m guessing the nested form entries were not submitted with the Parent form so the alphanumeric temporary parent entry IDs were not updated when the parent form was submitted. Do you have an anti-spam plugin or solution on your website? It could be that the Child Form entries are being marked as spam. Since you’ve already done a conflict test, I’ll suggest you get in touch with us via our support form so that we can look into this further, if you’re still experiencing this issue.


Thanks Samuel,

Turned out the entryID’s were getting changed by some other code which was the problem here. So managed to resolve that.

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