The confirmation does not reach the client

I have an assistance form. I would like my clients to receive the confirmation email upon submitting the form, but I can’t set up notifications for this to happen.
Could you help me create a notification to inform the client of receipt?

You can use this doc to help guide you through creating a user notification.

In order for the notification to be sent to the correct email, in the Send To section, you can use the Select a Field option, then select the email field in the dropdown: Markup 2024-02-13 at 07.44.37.png - Droplr

If you’ve done this, but the emails are not being received, you’ll want to check the entry notes for the sending results as explained in this doc:

If you need help troubleshooting any issues, you can open a technical support ticket here:

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Hello, with the recommendations you have given me I still cannot send an automatic response to the person who sent me the form. The notifications reach us internally, but the user who submits the form does not receive any type of confirmation. I have carried out the checks that you indicate and we do not have any web conflict. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused but could you give me another solution? thank you.

I recommend opening a support ticket if you haven’t been able to resolve this. We can help you get to the bottom of it there:

Thank you.