Survey Accessible via other registration method?

Would Gravity Forms allow a survey/questionnaire only be accessible via another registration WordPress plugin that permits social login capabilities (ability to create account using Google or Facebook account). My understanding is that Gravity Forms’ User Registration add on does not allow social logins.

So to summarize - a new user could create a new account via some third party plugin that allows social login, but then would only be allowed to access a specific Gravity Forms survey/questionnaire if they are logged in using that other registration service (Nextend plugin for example).

Hi Kyle. You are correct that Gravity Forms does not integrate with any social login or registration. You can use whatever registration method you like on the site.

Gravity Forms has a built in restriction where you can show a form only to registered users. But there are no restrictions by user or by role to any specific form. Those capabilities do not exist in Gravity Forms. For that, you could use a plugin such as this one:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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