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Frontity is a React framework, which is specifically developed for use with WordPress. It looks like a great solution for creating websites with WordPress as a decoupled/headless CMS. Also, Frontity is financially backed by Automattic (creator of WordPress).

I am very interested in Frontity, because it looks like a great alternative to WordPress themes based on PHP: Frontity sites are a lot faster.

A disadvantage to using Frontity (and React) is that the front-end side of WordPress plugins is not working out-of-the-box. This is also the case for Gravity Forms, it doesn’t work.

However, it is possible, as is being proved by the creators of the frontity-contact-form-7 package. Contact Form 7 already works with Frontity. Of course I prefer Gravity Forms above CF7, so I am putting a feature request here, hoping that Gravity Forms will create such a package as well.

Hi Noeste. I recommend adding a new request in your own words on our roadmap:

Click the blue plus sign in the lower left to submit an idea. Thank you.

OK, I’ve sent the same text in as a suggestion, as these are my own words. :sweat_smile:

Thanks Noeste. That helps bring attention to the issue.

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