Is Gravity Forms built with jQuery?

Should be an easy question for those who have it installed. :slight_smile: I’m hoping to find a WordPress contact form plugin that doesn’t require jQuery, can anyone confirm if Gravity Forms will automatically queue it up when activated?

Gravity Forms will enqueue jQuery when there is a Gravity Forms form embedded on the page. Gravity Forms is reliant upon jQuery. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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Ah darn. I figured it might be tho. Would be nice to have a contact form option for WordPress that wasn’t wholly dependent on jQuery, it’s way past time to stop loading that library on practically every single WordPress site ever. :slight_smile:

Appreciate your time! I’ll keep looking.


Totally agree!
I will be waiting for the day they remove jQuery and just use plain javascript.
(Just for the front end, back end usage is still fine)

I have looked into the jQuery usage for their front end JS and it doesn’t seem to be that much to do. Hopefully with a lot of other libraries removing jQuery (like Bootstrap, etc) Gravity Forms will as well.

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