Stripe Add-On 2.8 Update and Privacy


I am happy that GF now has native support for payments via the use of separate stripe accounts. Really cool and helpful.

Where it is still a little foggy is privacy

I have looked at the updated FAQ, here:
which says…

As a Stripe partner, we do get access to Stripe’s partner portal, which provides us with aggregate reports regarding transactions made by users of our plug-in. Like all Stripe transactions, this data is stored and secured by Stripe, and is not transmitted to us in any way.

I have a couple of questions:

(1) Is this aggregate data for all of your customers together as total sums, or aggregate data for each, individual customer?

(2) What do you do with this information?

Thank you,

Thanks for your questions.

(1) As with all integrators with Stripe Connect, we are provided access to their reporting portal which shows data related to transactions that pass through the plug-in. That portal provides data on a customer by customer basis, that is, we can see transaction data from each installation of the plug-in.

(2) We do not analyze or use any of this identifying transaction data, and only review aggregate volume data to occasionally monitor performance of the add-on. Additionally, we have limited access to Stripe’s Connect portal to only our company principals. Access to such data is not available to any other team members (which includes our support team).

Frankly, it’s not something we wanted access to, but it’s something Stripe provides to all integrators that use their recommended Stripe Connect secure mechanisms. As such, we wanted to be transparent about it. I will update that FAW you referenced to try and add clarity there also.

Thanks for the feedback.

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@Justin - I appreciate the transparency, that is helpful.

I have one more question:

Is it possible to have in the Stripe Feed section, a place to enter the keys (i.e.: without Stripe Connect) to authenticate for a separate Stripe account?

Is there any particular reason why Stripe Connect is the only option here? Programmatically, I don’t see any technical challenge.


Please see for an explanation.

Hi Chris,

Yes, after disabling the Stripe Connect topic and reverting back to the key-based authentication method, I do not have in the stripe feed section, a way to authenticate as a different stripe account.

So my question is:

Why can’t the key-based authentication method also be used here to authenticate as a separate account?

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