Stray script appears on Advanced Save and Continue "Success!" page

Hello, community! I have a multipage form (ID 166) and have implemented Advanced Save and Continue (with both types of saving).

If a user implements the “Save and Continue Later” option to save a partial entry and receive, by email, a URL for returning to the survey, a stray JS command appears below the “Success” message:

gform.initializeOnLoaded( function() {gformInitSpinner( 166, ‘’, true ); });

The stray text is outside of a div element and it’s very very hard to hide! I don’t want to confuse my users (many of whom are over 60) with this stray text. Any ideas? I’ve tried scripting it away and CSS to hide it, but have had no success with either one so far.

Hi Laurie. Have you already checked for theme and plugin conflicts on your site?

If you have found none, I recommend reporting the issue to Gravity Wiz for the Advanced Save and Continue Perk. Thank you.

Hi, I am unable to perform backups (that’s done by somebody else) so for
the moment I will not try the plugin approach.

I do have a question - if I exclude the page from caching, will it
disable the automatic save feature?

I managed to work around the problem using jquery - I hid the wrapper
but only if the Success! process had actuated. Then I made the content
within the element tags visible. This hid the offending stray text (but
kept it, just in case it was going to have some effect).

Hi Laurie,

Glad to hear you came up with a solution. I did see that you opened a support ticket with us, but we were unable to reproduce the issue.

If you want to pursue this in the future, feel free to reach back out to our support team. We would prefer to help you with a more permanent solution, if possible.