Weird Gravity Forms Code Found Near Top of Page Source Code

Good Day,

Just now, noticed Gravity Forms is adding the code provided below to the HMTL (Page Source) code of our website. In one instance (var gf_global), the code is duplicated.

Any ideas what is triggering this? How can we address and/or fix this?

Thank you!

Hi Jonathan. It should be there once, but if it’s appearing twice, there is likely a conflict with another plugin or your theme. Have you already checked for conflicts?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your help. Two things:

(1) So you’re saying the presence of the above Page Source code (minus the duplication) from Gravity Form is normal and expected?

(2) Yes, we performed a full plugin conflict check. No dice. However, we may have found the reason for the duplication. Our website has Gravity Forms installed on several pages. On the pages where we have two forms installed, var gf_global appears twice. Where we only have one form installed, var gf_global appears only once. The only question now is: Why do the other codes don’t appear duplicated on the pages where we have two forms installed?

Thank you,


  1. Yes
  2. I’m not sure. I recommend opening a support ticket if you don’t figure that out:

Thank you.

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