Total is not updating

Hi i have a form that is working perfect when i preview it but on the page it’s not updating the total, can someone please help me?

you can see the form on this page:

If it works in the Form Preview, but not in the page, there is likely some JavaScript error on the page where the form is being output. You can use these steps to check for conflicts:

Or on a live site, you can use our Debug add-on to check for theme and plugin conflicts on the site without affecting any site visitors:

Thanks Chris, I tried the debugging but figured it out that the problem is my client’s custom theme. is there any way i can add some codes to disable any codes that conflict with the gravity form?

Without knowing the theme, it’s impossible to know what the conflict is from your theme. Every theme is different. You know it’s the theme, so you’ve narrowed it down. Some common problem with custom themes:

  • including their own jQuery (so you end up with multiple copies, the wrong version or loaded in the wrong place)

  • including custom JavaScript or jQuery functionality that conflicts or has errors

I would start by looking at any script the theme outputs.