Stop saving partial entries and understanding personal data settings


I’m trying to tidy up my data storage, and I have a couple of questions I hoped someone could help with.

  1. Does anyone know a way to stop partial entries from being saved when using Stripe Payment Form Checkout? I understand partial add-on can be used to set conditional logic on a field, but how would this work on Stripe Checkout, or is there another way to stop recording this? We did a test the other day and dropped the entry on the Stripe Checkout it registered the entry as a payment but when you went into it you could see it hadn’t continued. Would be good to stop this partial entry in the first place.

  2. Personal Data Settings - I’ve set up deletion after 90 days, will this delete from Wordpress/cpanel as well? Or do I have to activate export and erasing data, and select all data to erase?

Any advice would be great, thanks