Steps for bringing significant changes into form

I have several forms that I need to make significant changes to. Is there a recommended process for bringing the changes into the existing form after I’ve completed my “test” form on the production site or a development site? Obviously I want to avoid disruptions to users and I don’t want the form to end up with a different form ID.

A few attempts at form-configuration mgmt through code have been tried but I’ve yet to see any that covered all forms, certified add-on settings, etc. very well. Which leads most people to some form of database syncronization approach. Avoiding gf_entry and gf_entry_meta in particular so you aren’t affecting prod entries or bringing test data with the form changes.

I often use WP Migrate DB Pro with it’s push/pull feature in such cases. As always…Ensure you have recent and tested backups before starting such migration activities.

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