Export GF Form then Import into GF respecting the form_id (i.e. overwrite existing form)

When you have multiple instances of a website (e.g. dev, stage, production) – it is very error prone and cumbersome to have to manually replicate any GF form changes on each instance. Having the ability to export a particular form’s config to a structured data file (e.g. JSON) and then being able to read that into another WP instance, and have GF update that matching form with those changes would be extremely helpful in many ways:

  • Quicker, less error prone deployments
  • Ability to track GF config in code repos such as git

ACF has recently implemented such a feature and it is life changing to say the least:

And I noticed a old thread on the old GF forums asking for the same feature 8 years ago:

If this can already be accomplished in some other manner – please enlighten us, otherwise I would like to submit this a feature request and would love to hear what the development team has to say in response. I think most developers understand the potential data integrity issues that may arise when currently in-use GF forms are modified – this request isn’t about trying to create a foolproof world, but rather to help automate a common task.


Hello Sang. This is a problem for a lot of people, and a couple of attempts have been made at attacking the problem. Here’s one attempt I’m aware of:


I have not tried that and am not recommending it, but just bringing it to your attention. Maybe if someone else has a method or procedure they use, they can share it here.

Also, if you want to recommend this for inclusion in Gravity Forms at some point, I recommend adding a new note at our product roadmap: https://www.gravityforms.com/gravity-forms-roadmap/

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