Step out from "master" form to google docs and return to "master" form [RESOLVED]

I wonder if the followimg is possible:


A yearly contribution has to be paid, as for now we do that to mail the persons and give a link to the form that takes care of this.

As for now that works great.

I will expand the form with the option:

Yearly automatic payment (collection by bank), one have to agree with that.

If one agreed then I would step out of the form, temporarily, go to a google docs form, one fills out that form and come back to the “master form” and perform the following form steps


Hi Ron. Why not handle everything in the Gravity Forms form? Why do you need to use Google Docs?

Hi Chris,

You are right. I took some “process over” from someone else. I try to incorporate it in my “payment” form.

Thank you for your reaction.


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