Square credit card field not scrolling up to missing fields

The form I have has a square credit card field on it as an official plugin.

It works fine. but something i noticed is when someone is missing a full name, card, expiry or any other details within the square field and you scroll to bottom and press submit, the submit button doesnt actually work (ajax or ajax off). if you scroll up manually an error is showing to the user.

Because the form technically doesnt submit it doesnt auto scroll up to the error, it just stays on the submit button and makes it look like the form is just not submitting.

if i fill in the credit card for square properly and leave another unrelated form field that was required empty the form will try submit then auto scroll up to that error. ( thats a good thing )

so it seems its only the credit card field itself that doesnt allow form to submit, shows an error if someone clicked submit but doesnt show any sign of the button working and doesnt auto scroll up to error. leaving user confused and abandons the form thinking its broken.

how can i tap into this to make it auto scroll up to this error OR make the submit button process but stop the form submitting and auto scroll to error on card field (like other default gravity form fields do when required).

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