SPAM Tester over Gravity forms & SpamAssassin

Hello there,

I’ve worked with 2 mail tester last days to try to figure out why i’m having trouble with outgoing email sent from GF that goes directly into SPAM folder.

Both email tester give out a 2.5 spam score directly under Spam Assassin which is quite high !

See AND attach file.

We love to keep higher optimisation for our customers. We have our own VPS running under Plesk using SPF and DKIM. So this request is the only thing that keep’s us away getting 100 % score sending email troughout email form !

Is there a way you guys may push an update with a fix to this ?

Thank you,

Jonathan Fournier @ Feu follet

It seems like you are very on top of this! Can you please submit our contact form here (put attention: Chris) so I can gather some more details from you?

Thank you very much.

Hi @chrishajer !

Also, i’m adding that i’ve test similarly the same thing under Contact form 7 and getting a perfect score 10 / 10. Not that I want to use contact form 7, nooooo way :slight_smile: !

It’s only a product to test another and try to catch the thing that cause a lost of 2.5 of 10 points regarding spam.

Gravity forms test page :
Contact form 7 test page :

Which way can I send you credential for you to perform test over our platform ? Maybe I didn’t see something and it’s on our side ! Maybe not.

Thank you, have a great one.

I suspect it is not on your side and it’s the way Gravity Forms outputs the notification. Please send me an email here:


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