Signature Add On Not showing on front end UNTIL change browser size [RESOLVED]

I’m working on a form with signature add on field.

I’ve got a form inside the 3 tabs up top or the 4 accordion below.

On the “Consent for Treatment of a Minor” Form, there are signature fields. when page loads, the box does not show. If you take change the browser width (more or less) The signature box pops up.

How can I fix this? Is it a Javascript error of some sort or a responsive issue?


So I’m responding to myself just in case anyone ever searches this.

I made a conditional logic on the signature field. Show IF [Textbox (Printed Name)] is NOT Blank

as soon as the form user enters their name, the signature field appears and is usable.

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Thank you, Andy. If you need any other assistance, please let us know.