Signature addon not responsive

I read a post about the signature addon being responsive in version 3.6 but after testing with version 4 that doesn’t seem t be the case. Am I missing something or is it not currently working?

I did read a similar post about this but there does not seem to be an answer.

Hi Liam. Where can we see the signature field in use on your website? I recall that was added in 3.6, but I don’t think it was ever ‘truly’ responsive, and I have not seen that addressed in a later release:

3.6 | 2018-12-18

    Added responsive support to Signature field.

You can see one of the forms here

Hi Liam. I took a look at the page, and it is responsive, but under a certain size, the whole form gets sort of crazy. What happens if you test this form from the form preview, or using the Twenty Twenty One or Twenty Twenty theme?

Thanks for taking a look, the form is not finished and so the styling is not complete. I was messing about with it over the weekend and I think the issue was caused by a plugin I was using to create columns to group some fields.

Thanks Liam. After conferring with the product team, it appears this may be a bug in the responsive feature of the Signature Field. I am going to open an issue with the product team so that this can be investigated. Please let us know if you have any other questions.