Resizing Signature Field

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with resizing the gravityforms signature field by % instead of px?


That’s not currently possible with the SuperSignature ss.js script, but if anyone has an idea, please feel free to share. Thanks

Hi Justin!

I found a “solution”: You could try to investigate what ID have the signature element container. For example in my case, I have id="input_2_2_Container":

And same for canvas element, in my example is id="input_2_2"

Then in Appearance > Customiser > Add CSS copy and paste this code (changing ids elements and width % for yours).

div#input_2_2_Container {
    width: 100% !important;

canvas#input_2_2 {
    width: 20% !important;

It is not a good practise make a CSS behaviour with IDs and !important instruction, but for these type of cases, you could fix it by this way. :smiley:

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Additionally, version 3.6 of the Signature add-on added responsive support. Check out version 3.6 or later for some additional responsive goodness.

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Where can I find the additional responsive settings? I have version 4.0 installed but cant figure out how to resize. Found the “ResizeSignature()” function but it’s not working (or I’ve done something wrong).
Anyway, need help to resize the field depending on screensize.

Hi WebDevels. I recommend opening a support ticket for this question. This topic is very old.

Thank you.