Signature Add-On - Disappearing signature


There’s an intermittent problem that I’ve seen which literally comes and goes for no apparent reason where the drawn signature (mouse or touch) will appear and upon lifting the click/touch will disappear. Other times, it will work just fine.

I’ve exhausted a lot of things: clearing cache, incognito windows, mobile devices, etc. And it continues to happen and then not happen.

Has anyone seen this before?


My understanding is that the issue is intermittent but is there any set of steps you’re able to follow that increases the likelihood of the issue happening? Does it happen one out of every 5, 10, 20 times? Do you have a URL where folks willing to help could attempt to recreate it themselves?

Hi David,

I sent you a link by message.
I would speculate that I’ve only seen it on chrome (although I use Chrome a lot more than other browsers right now).

However, when I do try to jump over on Firefox or Safari, it seems to work OK.

I have yet to see any kind of correlation through testing to increase frequency.

I do have the Google Pagespeed module active on the site, which I’ve disabled on the particular page.
I might try next disabling it all-together. Because I still want to ensure that it’s not a server-side caching thing, (although it doesn’t seem that way).

This is a good issue for a support ticket. I’d recommend opening one here so we can give the issue the attention is needs. Thank you.