Signature Add-On Issues in Chrome on Android? [RESOLVED]

I’ve already opened a ticket for this issue but I figured I’d post this here to see if anyone else had encountered this problem or had any ideas on how to solve it. It is only happening with Chrome on Android. It also only happens on the 3rd and all subsequent inputs. So if you sign “Bob Johnson” in two inputs (screen touches), it’s ok. If you sign “Jim Jenkins” and you go back to dot the two "i"s, a black line will be drawn from that input to the top left corner. It will do it for each time the screen is touched as well, after the 2nd input. It’s black no matter what input color you’ve chosen also.

It is most peculiar. I believe the Addon is derived from SuperSignature. I’ve yet to see anyone else have this problem but I figured I’d post to see if anyone wanted to take a stab at what might be causing it.

Example on Mobile Chrome:
Example on Desktop Chrome:

I’ve had several people demo this and it does the same thing every time. It does it on a fresh install with only the Gravity Forms core and Signature plugin active.

Chrome on Android is the common denominator. Even the standard Samsung browser works just fine.

Truly bizarre and I figured worth creating a topic to get some ideas/feedback. I’m looking to test an app soon and would love to get this resolved. I may need to explore other digital signature options as well.


Hi Lewis,

Don’t worry, the issue is confirmed as I said in the ticket it’s currently being investigated by our devs. We’ll update your ticket ASAP.

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