Signature field not working correctly on IOS

Hi there, I have an issue with my signature fields on iOS. When a user tries to sign it draws in a bunch of scribble. This doesn’t happen on android or PC. Weirdly the signature field works in gravity flow. Only started happening very recently

I’m unable to replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation with no other plugins active and using the default WP theme.

I would recommend you to perform a full conflict test following all the steps described here:

Note that for a valid conflict test, as the documentation explains, the first try must be done with only Gravity Forms and the Signature add-on enabled, all other plugins disabled, and using a default WordPress theme without custom code (e.g. Twenty Twenty-One).

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this in the live site, you will want to create a staging clone for testing. I’m sure your host would be able to assist you with this task.