Show fields based on # of fields required (radio & conditional logic)

Hi guys,
This seems like a fairly straight-forward one but I’ve been going around in circles for hours trying to get it to work.
Basically I want to have a radio selection with 3 options:
“How many teachers” and they can select either 1,2 or 3.
When selecting 1, it will only show the 3 fields for "Teacher #1’, when selecting 2 it will show fields #1 and #2, and when selecting 3 it will show fields #1.#2 & #3.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can do this configuring conditional logic for your fields based on the radio buttons field. See the following for more details:

Thanks for the reply Samuel.

I’ve tried all the various combinations of conditional logic but I’m running into a problem whereby I can get the fields to display using greater than or less than 3 but this either way around doesn’t work 100%.

Is anyone aware of a code snippet perhaps that could handle this programmatically?

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