Shortcode shows in webpage [RESOLVED]

The shortcode show in my web page instead of the form.
I created a form, created a page, clicked add form chose my form from the list, but only the shortcode shows in the web page, not the form itself. Please advise.


If the shortcode is showing, rather than the form, and Gravity Forms is active, then something on your site is messing with the shortcode processing. I would check for conflicts using these steps:

Or using our Debug add-on:

I cannot immediately get a hold of the gent who licensed the gravity forms and the downloads requires a log in. I tried changing the themes but my linked page is not part of the navigation so that isn’t working for me either.
Also, when I click on preview on any of the forms, no forms show on screen instead I get a regular web page minus any short-code or form in view.
Not sure how to fix this?

I sent you a Dropbox link to download the Debug add-on.

Thanks, I will give it a shot.

I tried the debug tool and nothing seems out of place.
I then asked a friend to look at this issue. He shared that when he takes the short code and places it on a page that has already has a form, it works. If they place it in a new page, it shows short code without the form showing. Any ideas? Why would a new page not show the form and current page with a form show both the original and the new form? this is puzzling. Please advise.

Sounds like it’s time for you to open a support ticket. We can’t do much else from here. Please open a support ticket here

Thank you

Turns out it was the plug in Gonzales, though the debug checker tool did not indicate any issues. Apparently Gonzales plug-in helps the site load faster but needs to explicitly allow things like Gravity forms to work. FWIW

Thank you for the update.