Set a hidden field value based on values selected in another field

I am trying to populate a hidden number field (4 digit budget code) to pass it along to Stripe in a transaction. I cannot figure out how to set this 4 digit code based on the product that is selected on that form. i.e Product 1 and product 2 might be budget code 1000. Product 3 is budget code 1050. Product 4 through 6 are budget code 1175.

If you have just a few possibilities, you can configure fields to be shown (or hidden) based on the product that is selected. If you have more than a couple, then configuring conditional logic to do this will be extremely time-consuming. I recommend taking a look at this plugin to help with your task:

OK I will look at it again. We are already licensed for it. I wish the documentation made more sense to me. Thank you!

I had trouble setting it up the first time as well! You can reach out the Gravity Wiz support. They’re great and I’m certain they can help you.