Auto populate List Field Rows Based on Quantity

Im trying to setup a form with Gravity forms that automatically populates the LIST field based on a quantity field.

So lets say a user sets product quantity to 1: Then the list field shows 1 row with

Name | Last name | Date of birth

But when a users sets product quantity to 4 i m trying to achieven that automatically 4 rows are displayed like:

Row 1. Name | Last name | Date of birth

Row 2. Name | Last name | Date of birth

Row 3. Name | Last name | Date of birth

Row 4. Name | Last name | Date of birth

Im really hoping somebody can help me out with this issue. Im stuck.

Thanks in advance.

How about this free solution from Gravity Wiz:

Gravity Wiz also offer a paid Perk with additional support if you need it:

I dont have budget for buying any more new plugin…
is there any snippet or something that i can use to achieve this?

The first solution I linked to on the Gravity Wiz website is free:

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I used it but couldn’t make it work…can you please tell me where to find this = HTML id of your input as the $input_html_id property.


You can inspect the form in the browser and view the ID of the form element (normally an input) that holds the number you want to use to determine the number of rows. In most browsers, you can right-click and then “inspect element” or something similar. Find the id attribute of the element, and use that for $input_html_id.