List that shows 2 or 3 empty fields instead of 1

hi so instead of a list showing one set of empty lines such as like this:

name / telno / address +

can i make it show at least 2 or more lines like this:

name / telno / address
name / telno / address +

thank you hope that makes sense

Hi Gabriel. How about this free solution to set the number of visible rows using a field value in the form: Set Number of List Field Rows by Field Value - Gravity Wiz

thanks so much Chris, I’ll show it to client. BTW the forum’s automated email went into gmail’s spam folder thought you should know thanks again!

Thank you Gabriel. Would you be able to forward me the complete eml file, from the email, with headers and everything, so I can find out why that ended up in spam?

If you can do that, please send it as an attachment to

Thank you.

here you go Chris, thank you

content removed

Thanks Gabriel. I grabbed that. I appreciate it.