Adding new line using Multiple Columns Fields plugin

I am working on a form using this plugin. Works very well for one line. I need to add a new line resulting in a form with multiple lines.
How can this be done?
My first posting here so I am very exited :grinning:

Welcome! Can you post a screenshot of what you mean exactly? I’m not sure which type of field you need exactly. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. The last row has entries for a customers debt. But most customers have many creditiors so we need corresponding number of rows. Does that help ? :grinning:

Have you already taken a look at the List field?

Also, do you have a link to the plugin you mentioned? I’m not familiar with that one.

Hi Chris!
Guess this will help.
A bit new to me, so I have to to learn more about “fields” and find the “+” function. :grin:

Hi Chris!
Think I am doing well! Adding a row works fine.

Only thing left is doing calculation, I am stuck.First two fields “Kreditor” and " Saksnr." is text fields. I want to add the “Hovedstol” + " Renter" + Omkostninger" = “Sum”. At the bottom line of “Sum” I like to have the total.
Have not found the solution in documentations. Happy to get som guidance :blush:

You should not use the multiple columns plugin, because that is very out of date, and I believe the list field fills the need.

As far as list field calculations, those are not supported natively, and any previous solution that was published has disappeared. I don’t have a solution for you here. However, I will leave this open for someone else to provide assistance if they can. Thank you.

Hi Chris!
Thanks for your information, saving me lots og time :slight_smile:
I find it however strange that this option is not available.
What i planned was to export these values to an Excel sheet I normally use and working on in Exel.
I have used Gravity Forms for many years, so I have to find a balance beein able to keep it.
Very happy for all feedback. Hope somebody out there might have a solution.
Thank you very much for now.

Hello @geron2 - I opened a feature request to support calculations in the List field.

You said “list field fills the need”. How can you create those colums if they are NOT list fields?
At the moment I can only create 1,2,3,4 columns. I need more so that my PDF is more optimised. Is there a solution ?

Hi Faruk. Can you open a new topic for your request, as it sounds slightly different from this topic. Thank you.