Getting total number of rows from GF_Field_List [RESOLVED]

Hi all,

I’m revising a tour booking form that has a “would you like to book for other people” option, and the tour deposit amount due needs to be $500 for each of the people being registered (so the person filling out the form and however many rows [additional people] they add. I’ve set up a GF_Field_List where users can click to add new rows (to add names and emails of additional people). But I can’t figure out how to get the total number of people/rows added into an equation.

This was set up previously but this particular section disappeared for a reason I have to figure out. The old “number of riders” calculation had this: {Riders:182:count}+1
I tried just changing it to reflect the ID of the new GF_Field_List I added now, but it’s not doing anything.


The :count modifier for the list merge tag is powered by the plugin GP Auto List Field. Before they released this as an official perk, I think there was a free snippet that would run this count. You’ll want to check that the snippet or this perk is active on the site in order to get a result from the merge tag.


Thank you SO much for this response. I installed the perk and re-set up the list and that part is working now. Thank you again!!