SEO Unminiified Shipped file - causing Audit issues

My site audits are having issues passing specific warnings in their seo audits due to the gravity forms recaptcha plugin.

!function(){var __webpack_modules__={"./js/src/frontend.js":function(){eval("var _this = this;\n\n/* global jQuery, gform, gforms_recaptcha_recaptcha_strings, grecaptcha */\n(function ($, gform, grecaptcha, strings) {\n  /**\n   * Make the API request to Google to get the reCAPTCHA token right before submission.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @param {Object} e The event object.\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n  var getToken = function getToken(e) {\n    var form = $(;\n    var recaptchaField = form.find('.ginput_recaptchav3');\n    var dataInput = recaptchaField.find('.gfield_recaptcha_response');\n\n    if (!dataInput.length || dataInput.val().length) {\n      return;\n    }\n\n    e.preventDefault();\n    grecaptcha.ready(function () {\n      grecaptcha.execute(strings.site_key, {\n        action: 'submit'\n      }).then(function (token) {\n        if (token.length && typeof token === 'string') {\n          dataInput.val(token);\n        }\n\n        form.submit();\n      });\n    });\n  };\n  /**\n   * Add event listeners to the form.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @param {string|number} formId The numeric ID of the form.\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n\n\n  var addFormEventListeners = function addFormEventListeners(formId) {\n    var $form = $(\"#gform_\".concat(formId, \":not(.recaptcha-v3-initialized)\"));\n    var $submit = $form.find(\"#gform_submit_button_\".concat(formId));\n    $form.on('submit', {\n      form: $form\n    }, getToken);\n    $submit.on('click', {\n      form: $form\n    }, getToken);\n    $form.addClass('recaptcha-v3-initialized');\n  };\n  /**\n   * The reCAPTCHA handler.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n\n\n  var gfRecaptcha = function gfRecaptcha() {\n    var self = _this;\n    /**\n     * Initialize the Recaptcha handler.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {void}\n     */\n\n    self.init = function () {\n      self.elements = {\n        formIds: self.getFormIds()\n      };\n      self.addEventListeners();\n    };\n    /**\n     * Get an array of form IDs.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {Array} Array of form IDs.\n     */\n\n\n    self.getFormIds = function () {\n      var ids = [];\n      $('form').each(function (index) {\n        ids.push($('form').get(index).id.split('gform_')[1]);\n      });\n      return ids;\n    };\n    /**\n     * Add event listeners to the page.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {void}\n     */\n\n\n    self.addEventListeners = function () {\n      self.elements.formIds.forEach(function (formId) {\n        addFormEventListeners(formId);\n      });\n      $(document).on('gform_post_render', function (event, formId) {\n        addFormEventListeners(formId);\n      });\n    };\n\n    self.init();\n  }; // Initialize and run the whole shebang.\n\n\n  $(document).ready(function () {\n    gfRecaptcha();\n  });\n})(jQuery, gform, grecaptcha, gforms_recaptcha_recaptcha_strings);\n\n//# sourceURL=webpack://gravityformsrecaptcha/./js/src/frontend.js?")}},__webpack_exports__={};__webpack_modules__["./js/src/frontend.js"]()}();

No matter the compiler or what we try to do we are left with this warning as an end result. Is there any way to work around this happening?

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