Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA Add-On minified JS file flagged by Google

When passing a client through SEO audits the plugin file below is flagged as needing to be minified. When viewing the file there is a lot of whitespace and comments.


My SEO team wants me to resolve these issues manually but I think this is best down by the plugin creator to solve for all clients. Is this correct? I’d be happy to clean it up but know I’m one update away from that work being gone.

Shipped minified JS

!function(){var __webpack_modules__={"./js/src/frontend.js":function(){eval("var _this = this;\n\n/* global jQuery, gform, gforms_recaptcha_recaptcha_strings, grecaptcha */\n(function ($, gform, grecaptcha, strings) {\n  /**\n   * Make the API request to Google to get the reCAPTCHA token right before submission.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @param {Object} e The event object.\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n  var getToken = function getToken(e) {\n    var form = $(;\n    var recaptchaField = form.find('.ginput_recaptchav3');\n    var dataInput = recaptchaField.find('.gfield_recaptcha_response');\n\n    if (!dataInput.length || dataInput.val().length) {\n      return;\n    }\n\n    e.preventDefault();\n    grecaptcha.ready(function () {\n      grecaptcha.execute(strings.site_key, {\n        action: 'submit'\n      }).then(function (token) {\n        if (token.length && typeof token === 'string') {\n          dataInput.val(token);\n        }\n\n        form.submit();\n      });\n    });\n  };\n  /**\n   * Add event listeners to the form.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @param {string|number} formId The numeric ID of the form.\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n\n\n  var addFormEventListeners = function addFormEventListeners(formId) {\n    var $form = $(\"#gform_\".concat(formId, \":not(.recaptcha-v3-initialized)\"));\n    var $submit = $form.find(\"#gform_submit_button_\".concat(formId));\n    $form.on('submit', {\n      form: $form\n    }, getToken);\n    $submit.on('click', {\n      form: $form\n    }, getToken);\n    $form.addClass('recaptcha-v3-initialized');\n  };\n  /**\n   * The reCAPTCHA handler.\n   *\n   * @since 1.0\n   *\n   * @return {void}\n   */\n\n\n  var gfRecaptcha = function gfRecaptcha() {\n    var self = _this;\n    /**\n     * Initialize the Recaptcha handler.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {void}\n     */\n\n    self.init = function () {\n      self.elements = {\n        formIds: self.getFormIds()\n      };\n      self.addEventListeners();\n    };\n    /**\n     * Get an array of form IDs.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {Array} Array of form IDs.\n     */\n\n\n    self.getFormIds = function () {\n      var ids = [];\n      $('form').each(function (index) {\n        ids.push($('form').get(index).id.split('gform_')[1]);\n      });\n      return ids;\n    };\n    /**\n     * Add event listeners to the page.\n     *\n     * @since 1.0\n     *\n     * @return {void}\n     */\n\n\n    self.addEventListeners = function () {\n      self.elements.formIds.forEach(function (formId) {\n        addFormEventListeners(formId);\n      });\n      $(document).on('gform_post_render', function (event, formId) {\n        addFormEventListeners(formId);\n      });\n    };\n\n    self.init();\n  }; // Initialize and run the whole shebang.\n\n\n  $(document).ready(function () {\n    gfRecaptcha();\n  });\n})(jQuery, gform, grecaptcha, gforms_recaptcha_recaptcha_strings);\n\n//# sourceURL=webpack://gravityformsrecaptcha/./js/src/frontend.js?")}},__webpack_exports__={};__webpack_modules__["./js/src/frontend.js"]()}();

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I have replied to your support ticket, so I’m closing this to avoid duplication. If you have any further comments, please reply to our ticket response.