reCAPTCHA has already been rendered in this element [RESOLVED]


Since the most recent Gravity Forms update, I am seeing the reCAPTCHA error polling in our console logs.

I have cross-checked the API keys and these are all correct and active.

We are using reCAPTCHA v3 invisible.
Gravity Forms Version 2.6.1

Besides deactivating the plugin, are there any other ideas I can try to identify & stop the cause of the polling?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steven. Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Thank you.

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Hi @chrishajer

you can see the issue on this page for example that prior to the recent update this was not happening.

Hi Steven. You have form 1 embedded in that page twice. You can’t do that (it’s not supported by the HTML spec to have duplicated element IDs on one page), and that is what is causing the problem with the reCAPTCHA. Please duplicate the form and embed the duplicate, if you need to collect the same information in two different places on that page. Thank you.


How the heck did I miss this! :man_facepalming:

Thanks @chrishajer

Yep, that was the cause. sometimes fresh eyes help!

Thanks @chrishajer

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