"reCAPTCHA already been rendered" error keeps repeating in console


We have two different forms on a page, which use reCaptcha v3.

The problem is that in the console we get the error “Error: reCaptcha has already been rendered in this element” and seems like it keeps repeating and counting up this error which results in slow page load and some other issues. (just look at the count of this error which is growing every second!)

I read other related topics before creating the ticket, but their problems weren’t the same as this, they had this issue of using one form twice on a page which results in duplicate form ids, and … .

As mentioned before, we have two different forms running on this page.

So what do you think about this problem?

Here’s the page we have this issue on.


Hi Ali. Form 29 is embedded in the page twice: that is what is causing the issue with reCAPTCHA. Remove the duplicate embed of form 29, and your reCAPTCHA should work.

If it does not, it’s also possible that caching is interfering. Caching will interfere with the reCAPTCHA scripts from Google. If you need help resolving the issue after removing the duplicate copy of form 29 from the page, please let us know.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response, I’ll check it & let you know about the results.


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