Sending Invoice # to Paypal [RESOLVED]

One of our new clients has a very simple form which asks only for customers to enter an Invoice # and a dollar Amount. We’re using Gravity Forms with the PayPal Standard add-on for this.

The form is sending the Amount properly to PayPal, but the Invoice # is not being sent to PayPal.

We’ve tried sending the Invoice # as part of the basic name and address fields, but that does not work, and the client insists they didn’t have to use the Pro add-on on their previous site.

Both fields are included in GF notifications, so we’re using that for payment confirmations for now, but the client is concerned the Invoice # field isn’t included on their PayPal.

Does doing so require the PayPal Pro add-on, or is there some way to configure this form using the Standard add-on so that the Invoice # is sent to PayPal?

You can use the gform_paypal_query() filter for that. Here is an example showing how to send an invoice number to PayPal:

You will need to update the form number with the ID of your form, and also the field ID where you are capturing the invoice number (it’s 1 in this example.)

Thanks for that, Chris!

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