Sending different email content based on drop down (integrated with Active Campaign)

Hi! I am looking to find a way so that if a customer selects a specific drop down in the contact menu, the user will receive an email geared to that specific drop down.

For an example, my form says “I want to learn more about:” and then lists these as the drop down options:

Then the client selects “Apples” and submits the form. How can I have active campaign send an automated email specifically about “Apples”? I would assume it could possibly be obtained through conditional logic?

Gravity Forms doesn’t control emails sent from Active Campaign. So if you want the emails to be sent from there, you will want to reach Active Campaign support to see what can be done.

If sending Gravity Forms notifications instead is fine for you, then you can check the following documentation: Enabling Conditional Logic for Notifications - Gravity Forms

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