Scroll to next field

I’m building a quiz style form (not using quiz addon) where each question is a multi choice radio button answer.

I want the user to click on one option, and then the browser will scroll to the next question / field in the form on click. I’m looking for a really simple way to achieve this with minimal extra or bespoke code. Any ideas how to get this or similar functionality?

Any ideas?

Hi Jon, I think you asked this on Facebook as well and received some answers there? Do you still need assistance with this?

(sorry for late reply, this went to spam) I don’t have a decent solution to this yet…

What have you tried already? This should be possible with some JavaScript, and I thought I saw some posted. Did you try something and that did not work for some reason? Do you have a URL for the page where we can see the form?

There is a version of the form on this test site here:

I want the quiz to scroll to the next question when any option is clicked. I can’t find any answer on facebook (or even my original post!) so I haven’t been able to try anyone’s suggested solution yet.