Auto-scrolling to next question


Is it possible in Gravity Forms to be automatically scrolled-down to the next question in the form so the whole form is much more UX friendly?

I have quite long multi-page form but it requires the user to scroll down after the next question pops out (im using conditional logic to show next question once previous one is answered).

I was pretty sure that there was an option like that. Thanks in advance!

Anyone could help pls?

look at this add-on. may be you are looking for this. here is the difference.

I viewed the video, but I could not tell from it what add-on that uses. Is that Lastform, based on your other reply?

yes. (my apologies for omission)

Just making sure we get the right information out there. Thanks for sharing it.

HI David,

This looks exactly like the problem we built our add-on to solve. We just pushed a massive update for GF2.5. Feel free to send us some questions on the site linked below.

You can see some sample forms here: Live Previews – Gravity Forms Supercharge Add-On

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Like in this fiddle?

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