Scroll to a specific field when checkbox is selected

I have a lot of fields. somehow i want to apply auto scroll when a user checked or select a checkbox. Is this possible? Can anyone help me about this. thank you

Hello. You can do this with JavaScript or jQuery. But I am wondering how this is going to work, and what it is going to do. If you have three checkboxes in a field, for example, are you scrolling to different locations based on each individual one? If someone wants to click two checkboxes what happens?

Can you use conditional logic and enable “animated transitions” on the form settings page?

If you explain your use case, we can take a look at the amount of scripting required. Thank you.

I wonder if @user59f20beb9a14d8.6 set up anchor links via an html field then have the checkboxes options be html links which jumps the user to specific parts of the page.

@chrishajer do you think something like this might work?

Hi Chris, sorry for my late response. About your question, if someone click two checkboxes and last click checkbox will be scroll.
Checkbox1 - When click it will scroll to field id#62
Checkbox2 - When click it will scroll to field id#100

**IF user click two checkboxes (first user click checkbox#2, then user click checkbox#1), then it will scroll to id#100 because user last click is the checkbox#1. **

Please advise.