Require users to full scroll before checking required box

Hi is there a way to require users to full scroll before allowing them to check the required box on a form.

I saw a thread from 2018 and I think this is very important to have. We need it. THis is should standard feature.

Hi Mike,

Do you mean something like this?

It’s a cool add-on from the friendly wizards over at Gravity Wiz. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mike,

We made the following solution. Go to the form on our site. At the verry end you must mark the checkbox and then the button for sending comes above.

Ad Bakker
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Hi Phil, that’s exactly what we need but paying for another plugin doesn’t seem like something out team wants to do right now. I’ll have to check with my CEO first.

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Hi Adriaan, this is close but we want the user to scroll all the way through the “terms of service” field before the can actually check the required box.

@michael2 Why not just accomplish this with Jquery or even vanilla JS? Should be pretty easy to do. Attach an event listener on the text box to listen for when it get’s to the end of the box. Once it does, set the checkbox disabled status to false.

Pretty easy workaround :slight_smile:

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Because I don’t know how and i don’t want to jack up the website. :upside_down_face: Can you point me in the right direction? I know I can figure it out. Thanks.


This is will show you how to detect if an item scroll box has reach the end >

And this will show you how to enable a disabled button >

If you have access to the forms html code and can edit it, then you can set the button as disabled there by just added the word disabled to the end of the input tag .

then with jquery/js, you can watch for the scroll box to reach the end and then set it to enabled by following the prior link.

if you don’t have access to the button and no way to manually add the disabled word to the input tag, you can target the link and then set it to disabled before anything else. And then enable it once the user scrolls to the bottom of the scroll box.

Hope that makes sense!

Sounds pretty straigt forward. Thanks! I added this to my task list for the week.

Hey Mike,

Curious as to whether you managed with this.


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