Schedule Start Date/Time ignore year

I have three forms for online sports registration. Spring (Feb 1–March 1), Fall (July 1–Aug 1), and Winter (Oct 1–Nov 1). Is it possible to schedule the forms to only be “live” during the specified month of sign-up and ignore the year?

Hi Chad. I’ve never been asked that one before. I don’t know of a way to do that with the built in scheduling. I think you could change the year after each season (that would be three changes per year, and you have 10 months in which to do it, after the schedule has completed.)

One method might be to use the gform_get_form_filter:

You could write that to check the date, in the current year, to determine when to show the form. That would not use the scheduling in the form settings, but would just rely on your code.