Savings form inputs with OpenAi integrations

Using the OpenAI integration to return responses with Chat GTP. Every time a response is returned the form fields disappear.

How do I keep the form fields populated with the information the user put in?

Hi Marvin,

OpenAI returning a response shouldn’t modify any of the field values outside of the fields where you’ve inserted a live merge tag for the feed.

Would it be possible to record a quick Loom to show us the form setup and what you’re experiencing?

Sure thing, here is a loom, as you’ll see when I enter the form the inputs disappear on the confirmation page

I don’t think I have any Live merge tags enabled, is that an issue?

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the Loom. It looks like the goal is to repopulate the fields using the values that were previously submitted. We have a Perk that will make that a breeze, called GP Reload Form. With it, you can automatically reload the form after submission and preserve the values from the previous submission.

Thanks, that didn’t seem to work though. I downloaded Gravity Perks, installed the Reload Form and toggled that switch but no luck. I think I’m missing something with the Merge tag but I can’t figure it out. Since my confirmation isn’t a message (it’s a page) I’m not sure what to do.

Hi Marvin,

I see you already have a ticket with us regarding this issue at Gravity Wiz. Let us know if you have any further questions, via the support ticket.