Optimizing Gravity Forms with GF OPENAI Integration for online course


I’m currently using the multi-page feature of Gravity Forms in conjunction with the GF OPENAI to facilitate a dialogue with users. This involves obtaining text input from users on the first page and providing output from ChatGPT on the subsequent page. This interaction spans over around ten pages.

I chose the multi-page feature because it seemed well-suited for this application, but I’ve been encountering slow page load times. Upon investigating with Chrome’s inspector tool, I noticed that all pages appear to load simultaneously in the background, despite only one being displayed at a time due to the multi-page format.

I’m concerned this may result in unnecessary and frequent calls to the OpenAI API, contributing to the slow performance. If anyone has experience or insight into this issue, or any advice for optimizing this use case, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


Hello MArc

do you have a staging environment that I can look at? if not can you please provide the form and maybe some screenshots of GF Open AI settings so I can try to replicate the performance issues?

off the top of my head I think we can use some JS filters and/or actions to prevent unnecessary and frequent calls.

Hi Sherif, thank you for responding. yes, I could give you access to the staging environment. How should I send you the credentials?

You can click Sherif’s name, and then there is a button to send a message (private message.)

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Thanks! I was able to log in, I will take a look and get back to you.

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Hi, this is just an update, I noticed that all the live merge tags are being evaluated, regardless of whether the HTML field that contains the live merge tag is visible or not.
I’m taking a deeper look into the OpenAI perk code to find out how can we prevent that.
I will get back to you when I have something you can test.

Hey @marcfest2, @sherif reached out and let me know about this thread. It’s a tough problem (which I elaborate on in the video below) but I’ve come up with a workable solution that I think should make a big difference for you.

Here’s the snippet:

And here’s a walkthrough video:

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