Seeking work-around for missing merge tag filter call-backs with multi-page forms with non-HTML fields

After a ridiculous number of hours testing and debugging, I have failed to find any work-around to handle the following objective:

With the case of a two-page form, built with a mix of single line fields and hidden fields - and a single HTML block field… All three types of fields are configured on page two with merge tags (for single line fields tag is in default, for HTML field in contents).

My plugin is enabled with both:

  • gform_field_value
  • gform_replace_merge_tags

I have confirmed the following process flow behavior :

  1. As expected, at the initial form’s page rendering, the actions do properly call the registered filter gform_ call-backs, and correctly populate the field’s values of the entire form (all pages) with the values returned by the call-backs (as seen in page’s source of my browser, and in debugging logging data on the server).

  2. Proceeding to “Next” page of the form however, we do not see calls made to the two functions for the non HTLM block fields, and the browser receives the same HTML source received for page one. But we DO get call-backs, and correctly populated merge tag substitution for the tags in the HTML field’s content !

Is this expected behavior ?
Is there some work-around for this issue ?

advTHANKSance !

Not 100% sure what can help you, but if you are looking to populate certain fields when a new page opens, have you tried the gform_page_loaded jQuery Function?


Hey @Parkbum !

Thanks for your response, that does look promising… I will include the suggestion in the published file, as my JS skills a prolly too weak to exploring using that jquery technique.

For ver 1.0 of this plugin it will just be left as a known short-coming for merge tags in multi-page forms… :-/

Thanks again friend !

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